Total Darkness

You gotta get dark - REALLY dark.

No moonlight, no street light, no hallway light - none of it.

Darkness signals to our bodies that it’s time to power down - whereas light stimulates our bodies and minds, infusing us with energy. So, light exposure when we’re tucking in disorients our ‘sleep clock’ (that circadian rhythm again).

And I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news - but yes, the light emitted from our screens counts.

Some real life DARK MODE tips that work really well for us:
  • Dim the lights and shut off the screens an hour before bed
  • Splurge on some good blackout curtains (worth the investment we promise)
  • Wear a sleep mask: choose one that’s soft, flexible, and breathable (we love the @sajewellness mask)
  • Set up a coloured nightlight in the bathroom overnight: red has been shown to be less disruptive to sleep