Tea Testimonials


“Sleepy Steep tea has instantly become my go-to tea before bedtime! I've tried so many different teas to help me fall asleep but I couldn’t find one I really loved until I tried the 7 Deadly Herbs blend. I’m so in love with the flavour and best of all, I always wake up the next morning feeling relaxed and well rested. I can’t wait to try Lucid Dreams next :)"
-Freya, Ottawa, @freyaledda

"7 Deadly Herbs is the newest edition to my night time routine. It's subtle and light but tastes warm and comforting. I look forward to it as my day comes to an end."
-Whitney, Ottawa, @whitbekkers

"I was skeptical about whether the blends actually do help with sleep but they truly do make me feel relaxed before bed. I don't feel jittery at all which is a common occurrence after work."
-Lia, Ottawa, @liasani

"Lunar Lemon Bomb is like a cozy blanket before sleep. When I'm stressed out after work it relaxes me so quickly!"
-Agi, Gatineau, @agiglbk

"Sipping on Sleepy Steep's tea has become my favourite nightly routine. It allows me to slip into a relaxing state before bedtime. The Winter Cherry blend is my new go-to, with its mix of warm and sweet scents."
- Leigha, Kemptville, @leigha.holmes

"I am loving the teas! I drink them all the time. I find myself grabbing the 7 Deadly Herbs most nights and it helps me get so relaxed before bed. It also tastes so good which is a bonus!"
- Katie, Toronto, @kwitmeyer

"I slept like a baby!! The taste of 7 Deadly Herbs is subtle; it's quite lovely."
-Rachel, Ottawa, @bunnysqueaks