Our Story


Hi! My name's Meg! and I've always been a "bad sleeper". 

Sleep has never come easy for me - ever. Even as a kid, I'd be in awe of my brother's ability to slip into unconsciousness the second his head hit the pillow. 

In my adult life, it only worsened. The stress and anxiety of tomorrow's day had my body buzzing on high alert throughout the night and the day to follow would be tortuous. In especially bad bouts, I'd spend an entire week in a thick fog of sleeplessness' vicious cycle: stress induced anxiety induced sleeplessness induced exhaustion induced stress: since and repeat. 

My body would shut down. A pounding headache, knotted stomach, burning eyes, and brain fog was my status quo. 

This is why Sleepy Steep exists. My days are now bright and energetic because of what I've learned and practiced and mastered along the way - and this is what we want to share with others through Sleepy Steep. 

Because life is too short to be tired. Because we want to share the beauty and benefits of working with (not against) the intricate harmonies of our bodies to be our most happy and healthful selves.