Mindful Caffeine Consumption


OH BABY do we love coffee - and black tea and chocolate & allllll of it, so no, we’d never turn our noses up at caffeine (but commend those who walk this earth without).

BUT we consume mindfully as caffeine can take a toll.

Genetics and age affect your sensitivity to caffeine - so listen to your body.

We’re satisfied with 2 cups of coffee and 1 cup of green tea per day.

Levels of caffeine peak approximately 30 mins after consumption and have an average half life of 5-7 hours (meaning after 5-7 hours, your body will have cleansed itself of only half of it)

We try to resist anything caffeinated after 12:00 pm.

The caffeine crash is REAL. Caffeine actively blocks a chemical in our brains called adenosine - a sort of ‘sleep pressure’ that builds up every minute we’re awake. > adenosine = > sleepiness. Caffeine masks this pressure but it doesn’t stop it from building up. If you’re using caffeine as a weapon to fight off sleep, when caffeine finally does wear off, BAM. You’re hit with a super slap of adenosine (and it’ll win this time).

Rather than continually caffeinate ourselves to fight off sleepiness, we opt for a juicy little nap (when we can). If this isn’t a viable option, we turn to nutritious foods for rescue.