Bed is for Bedtime

Ok it doesn’t sound like the most revolutionary ritual - but it really can be!!

Reserving our beds for bedtime (and sensual time) only - no phones, no Netflix, no snacks (easier said than done we know) helps our bodies help us.

Getting into bed should immediately tell your body it’s bedtime (and cue those luscious sleepy hormones). We read for 30 - 60 mins before sleep, which is our personal memo to our body to hit the release button on the melatonin.

Come shut eye time, if sleep doesn’t come within 20 mins, get out of bed and do something calming (read, meditate, etc). We like to stretchhhhhh it out. Tossing and turning just revs up the anxiety (not something with want to associate our glorious beds with).

Make your bed an oasis of calm.